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Recent Downtime

2016-07-27 20:56:19
As most of you have noticed, was not reachable recently for about a day.
That was because our domain got suspended by our domain registrar namecheap because of "DMCA complaints", as we were told.
Unfortunately their support was not authorized to remove the suspension because their "Legal and Abuse Department" needed to check first.
It took them almost a day to decide that acts according to the DMCA law and that all of their DMCA complaints were handled within a few hours and reported files have been taken down.

On this occasion we wanted to remind all of our users that we will delete files for which we receive valid takedown requests and might ban your account on repeated infringements.

To all of the copyright holders: We are offering several methods of taking down files according to the DMCA law, which is practically a standard in the whole world.
For further information please see our Copyright Policy.
We are also offering a takedown tool to which you can get access by contact us.

Nevertheless, what namecheap did was not right and also namecheap should act according to the law. But at least they were sorry about their desicion and finally enabled our domain again.
A user asked namecheap on facebook about the suspension of our domain and received this answer, which one might consider as a statement of namecheap:
"We acknowledge that our legal team was too heavy handed in this case, and we’ve taken steps internally to ensure that this won’t happen again. As long as they respond to DMCA complaints within required time frames, they should be ok going forward."

Issue in the Reward System Update: Fixed

2016-04-06 19:54:32
Dear Users,
we expire an issue in our reward system, causing a loss of about 20 percent. We work hard to fix these problems and after it's fixed, there will be a compensations for the lost rewards.

Update: This issue has been resolved.

recent downtime

2016-02-13 07:31:33
There was a crash of one of our most critical components and we were not able to recover for a few hours.
However, everything has been fixed now and we're doing our best that this won't happen again.
No files or settings have been lost, but access to our website was not possible during that time.
Sorry for any circumstances this has caused you!

Advice about maintainance

2016-01-08 19:45:29

please be informed we are going to maintain our systems tomorrow, 9th Jan 2016 for about 2 hours.
We do not expect a downtime but want to inform you about that for the case our system occurs unexpected problems.

Today's 1 hour downtime

2015-12-11 22:11:46
first of all, we are very sorry for the downtime we had recently.
There were some heavy network issues within our internal network for which our data center couldn't find a reason at first.
Fortunately, everything is working fine again and such an error shouldn't occure in the future any more.
Sorry again for the circumstances this has caused you!

Currently under DDoS attack (update #3)

2015-11-21 20:49:48

At the moment is under a heavy ddos attack.

It is possible, that our site won't load fast, we are sorry for any issues.

Update: Everything should be back to normal.

Update #2: DDoS attacks are continuing. There might be some delay in our website. We keep you posted about the current status.

Update #3: We were able to stop all DDoS attacks. We take these attacks as proof that we're doing something better than others, else our competitors won't have attacked us to get us down. :-)

Changes at our server structure

2015-10-03 14:11:09
Hi! We did some small changes at our streaming backend, to ensure you a great experience. If you notice lagging videos or errors while video streaming, please tell us and send the link of the video.

We wish you a nice weekend.

The new

2015-09-05 00:52:11
As many of you already noticed we changed alot since our alpha release in January this year.

Two weeks ago we already changed our domain to – today there's another big change – a new impressing design and some new features.

We received much feedback from our valued users and some suggestions have already been implemented:

- uploading of own thumbnails
- adding your own player logo to customize the video player
- improved file manager
- many remote upload improvements

What's next?

- ticketing system for support department
- upload restrictions for non streamable files

You have any questions or suggestions about the new website? Feel free to give us feedback via our contact form.

Quick announcement

2015-07-04 22:03:43
Unfortunately we noticed, that some people use their own playback client for showing our streams or use plugins like gkplugins.

Using a different player than ours, costs us loads of traffic, what we can not tolerate. We warn all users to misuse our service: your account will be suspended without warning and all files get deleted.

Please respect this decision.

For questions you can contact us.


2015-07-01 00:13:22

A long time we have not added something to our news section. This had a good reason - we had plenty of things to do - and we are sure, you will be satisified with the results.
With this comment we want to give a short summary, of what we have done.

At the moment we have more than enough of storage and completely restructured our infrastructure.
We are proud of the new, capable of streaming a video file absolutely lag-free - no matter, how often it is watched parallel.

We also can offer good things for users, that want to share content at
There is enough capacity for converting all kinds of regular video files into streamable files, without long waiting times.
Also we customized the userpanel in a way, that every content sharer can control, how his users experience

Despite this good news, there is small bad message - but this should be not that hard.
We noticed, that many users store very large files, with absolutely no activity on
To provide our services for free and keep sharing simple, we need to react to that.
The best solution, we think, is to delete files of any kind, that are not video or audio files, after 30 days of inactivity.
Streamable files (video and audio) will be deleted after 60 days of inactivity.

This change will take effect in earliest one week, but not later than two weeks.

If you have any kinds of questions, hints or ideas what we can do for you, feel free to contact us.

Network Issues Resolved

2015-04-10 23:00:46
our network issues are mostly resolved.
Thank you for your patience and your trust in us!

Best Regards
Your Team

Network Issues

2015-04-07 22:08:45

we are experiencing network issues.
Streams/DL could be slow.
Please be patient while we are working for a fix.

Your Team


2015-01-10 01:11:38
Hello folks!

Today is a historical date, as this is our first news! Yay!
Current status: Our website is almost functional, at least uploading and sharing files works ...

Also, the following features are currently on our to-do list with a high priority:
  • File- and Folder- Management
  • Reward System (yes, you can earn money sharing your files)
  • Software for Screen/Game Capturing and sharing
  • ... and more to come, so stay tuned :)